RE: Need help, marriage issue.


varshasingh06 wrote:
The best thing is that you are seeking help that means you want to make your relation flawless. My husband too takes 2 beer once a week. I don’t want him to drink as I feel it would turn into addiction but we don’t argue. Reason is when we once discussed this issue, we came to concluded that if he woul start drinking on weekdays or without any especial occasion he wud immediately quit. That means he would only drink once a week or other than that if there is some especial occasion. We both agreed. See you didn’t mention why your wife don’t want you to drink…
Try to convenience her wid this point that if she would find out that you drink on weekdays, you would quit. You can also ask her to join you with some mocktail and spend some quality time together. Also tell her that you don’t find drinking as a macho symbol or to show off. .. you only drink to relax. Also if u have any common friend, ask them to discuss with her. Sometimes third person’s percepective is more helpful. Hope she would understand. If nothing works, tell her you will drink only when she would permit. Tell her that for you her happiness is more important and then don’t drink for few weeks. Let her belive wat u said.. and if she doesn’t raise the topic like asking you to drink till third week…. you ask her thn that you didn’t drink for her happiness, now she shud understand how important she is and now she shud also start being broad minded and allow you to drink that too on weekends..
Hope this would help you.. let me know how it work.. [email protected]

Thanks varshasingh06, for your comments. I really appreciate it.

I did try to convince her many a times. told her all those things you have pointed out however, she is not ready to listen to any of that. She just wants me to stop. I did not drink for a month and she still doesnt allow me to have a beer. I did try to pint out few friend couples and how their wives allow them to have a drink but she doesnt listen to any of it.
The reason for not allowing she says is that it is bad for health in long term. I did show her many articles on google about a beer a week is not bad for health but no use. I am clueless. I even told her that this is the only thing that is causing hassels in our marriage and if we come to a concensous everything would be allright but she is ready to argue everytime rather than allowing me to drink. Now I am not sure how to make her understand or if at all she wants to understand……