RE: Need help, marriage issue.



Hey hi again
Sorry I laughed reading ur reply… man you have two options – either quit drinking or drink without her knowledge. Ha ha I am not understanding her real problem at all. I guess i only guess that your drinking has become her ego issue and so she is not understanding. Or may be she has some other problem with you and she is dressing it under this issue. Come on its not wrong, you are not wrong.. so just hide it from her aas much as possible. If you will forcefully quit it, you will always have a suppressed desire. By the way if it would be ur girlfriend’s request and not wife’s wish then wat would be ur decision like. .. anyway just keep drinking untill u want to quit nd hide it. Also please ask ur wife to do something for you same as she is asking, like stop having friends, fb or watsapp. . Or anything. . Let her know what a force decision is..
And don’t bother much.. have a chill pill or chilled beer and enjoy..