RE: Need help, marriage issue.




Yup he drinks on weekends at home 2 beer max. And that too when I cook non veg for him. He doesn’t drink wen he is suppose to drive and he doesn’t over drink. So that is win win situation for both of us. We only discussed and luckily ended on a mutual note. I don’t know what made me understand. Actually I was never against him drinking, I only wanted him to drink occasionally nd little. So he got agreed. Though we are still struggling with smoking issue. He started smoking just a year back with once or twice a month and now it is weekly and I doubt may be daily wen he is at work. We don’t fight on this but I know someday I will make him quit smoking. I am against smoking totally. I really don’t know wat is ur wife’s problem. She is not behaving sensible on this issue. I an my husband, we fight a lot and we are not happy go lucky couple but no issue is related to anyone’s likes or dislikes. Sorry couldn’t be of any help to you :(