RE: Need help, marriage issue.



Hey hi

What shoul.i say.. your problem didn’t find a good solution. Hope it will get resolve. Good luck for that… oh its weekend again.. poor you..
I guess you shud made up ur mind to quit alcohol. . Do it happily and willingly. See you were not drinking from day one of ur life.. so take urself back to the time wen you were not into drinking thing and still were happy.. and yes if as you mentioned that you drink just to relax whole week’s tension.. thn why don’t start mediating everyay for 10-15 mins. It is so very helpful and you really feel good about everything around and ur own self too. Need help wid dat… may be u won’t desire to drink anymore.
Another solution is make a good friend or polish the friendship with any existing friend. There are many things in life which we can’t discuss wid our better half and it creates burden inside… so we cling on to drinking smoking bor any such thing which makes us forget everything for sometime. But if we have a good friend to discuss everything in life without hesitation thn we don’t need any other supplements. . Try any of these two.. hope it wud help…