Ms Gauthami…
I am proud that at least u understood your father..Now the thing is prove him the same.. Take care of him by offering him a glass of water when i comes from office or allow his music to play in t.v r etc etc which he used to hum or interested.
Invite his old friends to home and give him a surprise (if u know them)..
visit his work place and give him a lunch r insist him that u want to spend some quality time in his office…
present him a good phone or show him his gifts which he bought for your mother when u were not even born,,,(hope u understand that what i meant to say)…
If possible u try to wear a saree and give him a good smile when u goes to office (if u r a modern girl or vice versa)..u can ask even your mother to try that…
just show love and take care of him ..he will bounce back.. The fever love can be cured only with the medicine called love….
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cheers and love