RE: Need Urgent Advice


Shruti wrote:
I am 22 years old. I am in a very happy live-in relationship with a great guy who i met in school. We have been together since the past 6 years. But he is of a different religion. My parents have no clue about our relationship. They now want to marry me off to some guy of their choice. But I will die rather that cheat on my love. I cannot leave him in any circumstance. But I love my parents too much to hurt them either. Thats why the only solution I find ahead of me is to surrender and die. I cannot live with either of the feelings that I have broken my boyfriend’s heart or my parent’s heart. Please help urgently.

Keep the things simple without complicating. I know advising is easy, In practical things are different. First speak to your boy friend.. Check whether is he ready for the marriage.. If yes, go ahead and speak to your parents and convince them.. It might take few days or months for them accept your relationship. You should be strong enough to make them understand your feeling.

If your parents agree, you can marry him.. If not continue convincing them.. Any parents would agree after some point of time.

Also ask your boy friend about his parents and opinions, which is the most important thing as if now..

I will pray for you.. Good luck..