RE: Need urgent help for my 10 year old son



Dear Gayatri,

Thank you for talking to us about your son. Children with PDD are very sensitive and unlike what ‘stranger’ suggests, unnecessary harshness in an already frustrating situation may make it worse for him. It is great that he has been able to cope with his schoolwork until now and I appreciate the attitude you have shown so far. Maybe now that he is growing up, he realizes more that he is different from other children and this hurts his feelings. I think you can gradually start to explain to him how he is different but in a sensitive and gentle manner. Can you tell me exactly which disorder on the spectrum has he been diagnosed with? Tell I would be able to give you more precise instructions on what to tell him and how to handle. Also, in which city do you live? Maybe I can find some expert that can help you get through this situation? Would you like that?
If you’re not comfortable revealing your details here, you can just send me a private message.

All the best!