RE: needed help immediately


rahul1212 wrote:
I am a girl , now i am doing my pg, when i am in my UG there was this boy, he is crazy and a little tricky, i am used to attracted towards him at times, then one day i got his number without his knowledge, then i only called him first time and that number was supposed to belong his parents, then after we started chatting , at first he was ok he always ignored me, that makes me more possesive towards him so i always tried to chat with him, got many scoldings from my parents, i have been embrassed by many situations created by him , he always gain fame by using me as a girl waiting for him . after all these also i cant stop thinking him as my friend becoz at times he gave good advices and also at the begining he said “dont chat with me , u will be changed ” many times he told dont chat with me. and have stopped talking with me many times , also he is the one who will start talking again, many times i tried to stop talking him but i cant , when i hear his voice then i will be his toy again, first we used to sex chat then sex talk , now it is been six years still he is chatting with me, with the same ignorance and everything. in these six years there happens to be many situations for us to be together(because we studied in the same college ),but he always avoided those, and i have seen his eyes preying on me many times, even some times we have to stand near to one another, we happen to alone once but then also he went just avoided the situation and went away, we have never been to park or theatre or shopping or anykind of stuff , we are just phony. in person we wont even speak a lot . now the problem is last month one day after 2 years of our graduation i compelled him to come with me to shopping , intially he said no , then i am also ok. but later he called me for the same at the same time and he didn’t compelled, he just ordered. and i also obeyed.we went to a public place but above my expectations he touched my private parts. clothed only . i got shocked at the same time i dint refused much, he just touched with hand and nothing else. and immediately asked sorry for that and i dont move away from that place. i think if he sat with me for 10 mins without doing anything i will try to remember those silent minutes after not this incident but again he touched saying sorry cant control he touched me thrice. i am totally fed up when i came home i cant be normal again i dont know why i didnt refused, so i called him again and said please be with me in the same place again for me or else i will become a pshyco. so again we went to same park, but this time he didnt do anything he spoke free ly for 4 hrs made many jokes and told me his child hood stories and we left with the decision of no more contacting one another . but again i cant control my thoughts of past and felt how bad i am . i cant talk this with anyother so i asked it to him again and met him we went to a theater. I said if i dont contact you i cant get right its lke i am getting mad then we came to the decision that just hi byes. ok . We are chatting now but again i cant forget how slutty i am on that moment. my parents where out of city for 6 months . they are coming back in 10 days from today . yesterday i spoke to my mom and from my voice she found that some thing is not good. if i see my mom in person i cant control my feelings and will tell everything to her which she cant be able to bear and tolerate , i dont want my parents to hear about this but i want to be normal again that too before my parents arrive . and one more thing i have never been with any other boy and i am village girl . with my own restrictions. please help me yesterday i thought of sucide but didnt . i dont know please help me

This fellow is using you to get recognition…to look cooler in everyone’s eyes..better stay away from him…
Suicide is just being silly…wont help anyone…
Bad idea..its gonna make things worse..

Meet new people…spend more time with friends…family time…lovely time..dont feel low…you deserve better things…

Keep smiling :)