Hey Hi
whats your age?
Girls are normally insecure when in relation. And mostly girls behave over possessive. Its no ones fault, its natural.
You don’t need to end up in restricting yourself from everything.
Try doing these:
make her feel more secure
introduce her to ur friends especially female friends as love of your life
praise her before ur friends
upload ur pics with her on FB and always tag her and always mention it was best time spent
twice a week update ur status like feeling happy, wonderful nd tag her
always update things about ur time spent with her on social networking.

Girls need recognition, acceptance and commitment. But this they believe only when you dare to tell people around you that you love her. when you accept her socially, he gets secure and this would reduce her possessiveness over time as she would know you are not going to leave her. and yes mention her every now and then that her presence in your life is like life line. you cant handle it without her.
You just need to make her feel secure.
the best thing a guy can do is to tell the world- this is my girl.
good luck

read if get time