RE: Past is a problem


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I had a past and due to some reasons I broke up with that guy.He created mess in my life after breakup.He broke my engagement too.But somehow i managed my life and moved on.I focused on my studies and forgot about marriage with anyone…after 1.5 years of this incidence a guy came into my life and was desperate to marry me.when i saw his passion and love for me,i thought to marry and told in my family.All are in family agreed..But now he is abusing me badly..he teases me with my past..he tortures me badly.i cant share this with anyone.I don’t have any friend left with me..I am waiting for few days and waiting for my exams to get over.I will suicide after exams..i just want to give my exams and want to make my family happy.

r u crazy..SUICIDE?…go serve some oldies or some homeless kids……i cn b ur friend…dont giv up on life rather kich teir ass and move on……run somewhere hav a life…dnt end ur life fr morons like them…….i knw sometimes we feel too much low…bt we still hav better thngs to do…there must b someone who may need u too….hope shud never be given up…
gv ur exams…run soemwhere….go on soem trip alone…u r ur own best frnd remember…life is never to b given up..jst throw waste out of ur life…like these guys