RE: Please help my friend handle this situation



hi writer rishi
its nyc to see tat u r so concerned fr ur frnd.coming to d point we all have to accept this part in lyf tat a boys mother gets more possessive when she gets to know tat he is “in love”. she always has this sense tat “ladki mere bete ko cheen legi”.its a common mindset and vry difficult to chng. saying u my case i had a 6 yrs of relationshp wd one of my neighbours when his mom got to know about this she was very critical about me..starting from head to toe. she commented on me being flabby,being short and using very bad words fr my body parts. but i nvr tuk them to heart untill the breakup.yes the guy left me coz his mom dint find me attractive.from this i hv learnt tat “ur mom in law wont lyk u much and u hv to accept it and move on”. may be ur frnds mom is doing all this because she has got to know about tat manglik part. so one thing can be done wch can satisfy her logic. go to some jyotish,there are many vidhis done to nullify manglik dosh in kundali. go for it. this just to satisfy her logic. nothing else. and i cudnt get it clear if she is engaged to tat new person or it isnt materialised yet?? it wud be really gud if she marries because of 2 reasons:1. she will b busy in her new lyf 2. she will interfere less because of being preoccupied in her new lyf. so its better to convince her to get married if she has changed her mind.
and ask ur frnd if he really wants to get married to tat girl?? because guys generally give in to the pressure of their mom. i have faced a hell lot of problems due to this. i dont want some other girl shud go through the same ordeal. ask both of them how well they both can manage and how much they can fight “FOR” each other. in my case i was the only one fighting wch led to sucked up confidence and too many consequences. hope it helps u in atleast some way.

and yes make it sure tat ur frnd doesnt make his mother feel lonely. and u know the best way to solve is ” GOOD COMMUNICATION”