RE: plss help to survive i want suicide


stuckand hopeless
Salu88 wrote:
Hiii… I am in big danger.. I m new married and living in India got married to a NRI whose origin is in India but for work he is out of India… I am 2 months married and I am getting lots of issues from him
1. He has psychological erectial dysfunction
2. He is mama and daddy’s boy
3. He is a liar
4. He is dishonest person
5. He is keeping secret
6. He has taken all golds and marital gifts to his name after marriage
7. He never trust me
6. He and his family still opened matrimony and checking mails
7.he has tendency to cheat me
8. He is not handsome and ugly but I have loved him all by my heart but still not enough for him
9. He never given money in my hand and taken all charge.
10.He has turned me like a puppet though I was lecturer in a college and leave my job for him
11. His parents are also dishonest and torturing me and my family.
12. After 2 months we still have no sex ..he tried to but no success I am still virgin.
13. I became sick for this unhappy relation in abroad

So I have come back to India to stay with my parents and now I am totally OK… So do I divorce him or stay with him… I want to suicide.. What do I do ??? Me and my family are in big danger its like catastrophe.. Plssssss help me

i feel u should sit with yourself and examine your life. is ur husband really worth all this trouble. there is no use in loving someone who doesnt love u or is not interested in you. from what u have written about him i cant really see any love or attachmen from his side. u seem to be educated and capable of taking care of urself. u have already made the decision and separated from him. i think u deserve someone who loves u and cares for u not ur money. i think u have already made your decision and it is about time that you made it legal as painful as it might be. i think it wud be the best thing u can do for yourself. take care and be strong.