RE: Premarital Guidance



Hi. I am sorry you had to undergo this. Please donot mind with what I am going to write. These are solely my views. I understand your situation as I am very scared of facing one like this. But, like the parents say, you never know you can always help the girl to learn and grow up the way you would like to see her-smart and confident. Maybe you should try all the possible ways to help her from grooming (so that you avoid the odour)-both physical and mentally, your approach to life, discuss things with her, need not be your day or your work alone, something happening, be a good friend than her partner and then you can help her to learn. Donot ask for a change. Ask yourself end of the day whom would you like to be with? A simple woman waiting for you or a glamorous one? For any relationships to work and for you to feel the vibe, accept her first :)