RE: Problem in studies….


Shags Cool
nilfa wrote:
I am Nilfa , studying in 9th standard . I am 14 years old . Till last month i was good at studies but from last month I am not able to concentrate ! How so ever hard I try i cannot understand my subjects . Nowadays my mind is always busy in stupid things like friends and social networking , even thought it doesn’t make me much happy . I am always kind of sad from inside . Only when i go to my dance classes i feel better.Sometimes i start crying in the night even I don’t know why . No one knows about all this . I always used to get (A+) or (A) grade in my studies . But this time I got (B) grade in most of my subjects. That’s such a shame . I feel like i m turning into a bad girl . Can u please suggest me something that will help me to concentrate on my studies again and have my normal life back ? I can’t tell all these to my parents because they have their business and a lot of tensions and I don’t want to give them more tension .

Hey. As far as i cn undrstnd u urself have given the solution. U know it very well that social networking and friends. You may be thinking that these things may not be affecting your concentration much but the truth is that these things actualy have a negative effect on the brain. The main thing is to keep your mind calm and happy to do some work with full concentration. So you can refrain yourself from things that make you sad like social and friends as you had mentioned. Do what makes instead of

Do what makes you happy instead of just blindly following what the world does its not necessary for you to do the same thing. The main conclusion here can be given as DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. This way your mind will remain fresh and you will be able to concentrate better.