RE: problem wit self



Hi Namitha,

I understood your situation. There are few things which you need to think about.

If both are into each other and can’t live without them. Then both of you talk to your parents in a polite way and express how deeply you like him/her. This is the moment where you need to save your love and its not only with you even He needs to work it out.

Let him take care of his parents and you talk to your parents, later boy talk to your parents and fix the things.

If anyone of you thinks or why to trouble parents the relationship won’t survive. If he is ready to take risk and you should be ready for anything till you get married.

1. Are you ready to marry him even if your parents wont agree?
2. Talk to him, whether he wants to marry you or not?
3. If both are yes, then straight away do talkings to your parents, Never give up.
4. Talk all positive things, his work, his nature, his care and everything.
5. Tell him to do the same.

Please talk to your boy also. If he is ready you start otherwise forget him.

Guy should take care of all worries of a girl, if he won’t at tough times then your relation is not correct.

Please think and decide.

Life is very beautiful

Pradeep Gandla