RE: Problem with my Family Life



What I believe here you need to handle this intelligently as your husband loves you and his family very much, and he cannot stand against any one of them. Here I can think of two solutions coming in my mind. Firstly, sit with your husband and discuss what are his plans about you and your future. Try to convince your husband that you also cares for his family (If not, just make him realize him the same), and make him realize that he can become a proud father of a child who could be the best child in your family and you both could be proud of him/her later on. Like this, try to convince him to have a child and nurture him/her with your best kindness and time you have. Secondly, I believe you should also start looking for a job as you’ve said your family condition is not sound much. This will help you to nurture your child to the best way you can without depending on else. Let’s start with, some temporary job, like, start some private tuition and prepare for some Govt Jobs, try for temporary trainer in Computer Institute if you have computer knowledge. Best way is to start giving private tuition for school going children. This will help you to earn some money and will distract you from other thinking. Please try if that helps.


rajashree2810 wrote:
Hi ,
I got married in may 2013, i married a person who was in courtship of 6 years. the problem started on my wedding day itself. no one in my in law family were happy to welcome me inside. only my husband stood with me. day by day the critising started and treated me like a waste thing in the family. suddenly a day came my sister in law (Who ran away with her lover and have a child now) entered the house saying that she is no more interested to live his husband. after she entered the house my husband cares too much for his sister and her daughter. now he is denyning to have a child and spends more time with them i feel lonely at all time. even now he is ready spend for the school expenses , we are not that much stable in the financial status. my mother in law also supports that. i dont know how i could handle this sister in law and mother in law are dominating the family. i feel i like i would be separated from my husband.when i try to talk about this my husband he shouts at me and showing synpathy with them.can any one suggest to get rid of this.