RE: Problem with wife.. please help


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i do not understand wht your problem is…you knw wife demand attention all d time.
u r newly wed,,it takes life to understand each other,,,dont expect it too soon….giv her 10 mins of ur love and then see the change and ignore all things whole day….do day long study…go somewhere..dont play blame games..u will lose all….in the end wife and people will b same…bt ur carrier will be gone…u will b respected only if u show some sane behavior..which you by throwing things r not..being a doctor means no bdy expect this behavior frm doc.

relax ur mind…study hard..ignore the world and giv 10 mins to ur wife….that too awsum one..whatever kinds she is she will love u in the end…tell her no complaining and no nothings ..just romantic talks..and back too studies….then..ignore again till u gv ur exams..relax and dont throw thngs by this u r contemplating ur own self…
..and plz ignore ths messg if u didn t liek anythng i wrote..i ws js trying to help.