RE: Really confused and need suggestion in my relationship



Mmmm this girl seems like me. A small bit of advice. Only a given few can handle such girls. So stay away bro :). She’ll calm down after a period of time and settle down. But the chances of you being that person is almost nil. So you go abroad and find a suitable stable minded girl and settle down :) Yes she will always keep a backup with you unless you be stern and just let her go. Even if it hurts both of you. Concentrate on spending time with friends and family. And on her behalf i’ll let you know this-Some girls are just scared to not find love or have a happy life so they just keep looking for it and keeping some backups. Yes we are selfish but who isn’t? The problem is people don’t understand how much we mess up our own lives in fear of not finding love but it will all settle down sooner or later i hope. Lindsey please stop judging the other person in these posts.