RE: relation and career.


polmi wrote:
I am a woman of 27yrs, 3yrs back I fell in love wid a senior f mine and later we had a commitment. Bt he had put more clause like not telling ne1 abt d relation still v stand in career and I agreed.but he couldnot be consistent in d relation even for a month, but I was madly in love and in deep commitment, I tried all ways2 save d relation but in vain, we never met aftr commitment but if netym he msgd or phoned me, he asked me 4 phonesex, only then he believed our relation would b successful,which I cudnt agree and finally d relation ended within a year. In dt mean time I tried hard to achieve a career, but am not able to do so, sometimes bad luck and sometimes may b less effort, after trying for arrange marraige also its not happening as it seems my horoscope s very bad.i feel lonely,deprived without a job, a broken relation and not being rejections in arrange marraige, my ex-boyfren is in a relationship nd now he s very well maintaining it which hurts me, what fault I might have had, he tried2 talk with me and he expected me for physical relation again although he was committed, I threated him for not contacting me nemore , I need a good life, with a good job and a good life partner, is it so impossible 4me.pls help me, I feel my life fruitless and frustated.

Hi ,

Please forget about that guy and thank god for saving you from him which you will do one day :) Am sure that he cannot keep you happy even if you marry him. He does not deserve a good heart like you. So please IGNORE him and concentrate on your career . There are many online sites available to help you with your career choice / to remove obstacles . So be calm stay happy am sure there is someone special waiting for you . God bless you !