RE: relation and career.



Dear user,

First of all I say thanks to contack with hope network. I understood the pain you are crossing with. You have a truth with you that’s why you are worried about the thing that happened with your boyfriend.. He is not loving you instead he is trying to take you out for some other reasons. The best thing you can do for this is avoid him completely and better change your contacts as of you are a girl don’t go for any problems. It will harm your present life. Speak with you in front of a mirror and say that you can achieve what you wish. Take a sweet revenge with your ex boyfriend by achieving all the things you wish. Keep a best friend or a well wisher always. Share your problems with him and through out the burden in your mind. For jobs definitely this are not the problems..Prepare your self to get your new job. I won’t say love is a bad thing. It is pure. But what your boyfriend had with you is not love as you know. So forget it a feel free. Now you are free with out any tensions because no one is there to stop you. You can live like a legend. its your life. Its a boon from god to prove yourself. Prepare for your interviews.Find on what level you are facing issues while attending interviews. Give more concentration on that part. I am a well wisher for you. This is your time. Use it..You are just 27. Believe yourself first. You are the best out of all. Don’t be desp on failure’s. Failures are the steps for success. Believe me. You will be a success.Am sure. Forget what happened to you in past. Today is Present.Start the war to cross all the success milestones as you can.Keep a goal in Your mind which is best for you. Work for that.God is there. Pass all the examinations that he gives.

Your Well wisher,
Sankarsai Mohandas.