RE: Relationship advice


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first he is not your best friend….friends never confuse bt bring out the solution……he moved ahead wd u and now whn u want marriagething he became family guy.
so 2 solution1: use him as he is putting in dead seed…both wil get separated without hard feelings..but if u became emotional then he will b in ur mind all d time…
solution 2: make urself unvailable and play the mind game..tell him even ur parents want a decent guy and u will marry the one of their choice..and let him think wht changed u…practice reverse psychology…tell him often u r busy…on his face tell him he is the one ur life is for…show him he is least important to this he will come running to u…bt this is whole mindful session.

solution 3 is very simple..leave him and move wil gv u only false hope and used feel whenevr he wud leave u for somebdy.