RE: Relationship advice



You are too young to be get married now, in fact you are not going to be married for a few more years. His opinion about marriage can change over time. You should rather concentrate on your life, career and enjoyment. Youth is too precious to be wasted worrying about marriage. I find girls often carrying this view that they want to marry the love of their life and that they should be married by 26 27. Putting time frame on marriage will only make your life more miserable now and if even if you find a boy willing to marry now you’ll regret it later. What if he is not compatible with you? You have been dating for months. People take years to decide whether they want to marry someone or not. There are things in your partner that’ll reveal itself only when you’ve been intimate with him for a long time. Decide carefully and quit bothering the poor boy. Your curiosity about marriage will only drive him away, if he is a thinking individual his views will change for sure otherwise you wouldn’t want to get married with him anyway. Girls want to get married at first sight boys decide it over time. Give him a fair chance.