RE: relationship help


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Dear Prachi,

Thanks for your reply. I have actually spoken to him several times (not confronting him), but it always lands up in a fight, him saying that I should trust him. He says he would never do what I did (he doesnt even know what I did completely), and he is sure he is not doing wrong! But at the same time he hides his messages, why? I have told him if there is nothing then why should he hide? He says he needs space, and keeps assuring there is nothing. This conversation leads us to nowhere. I have seen his email chats (song links including miss you numbers when she is not in town!!) I cant tell him I have seen them, because he doesnt know I have his password, and if he gets to know, he will change it again! He messages her at 6.00 am in the morning, at 11:00 pm in the night!! I cant understand what friendship this is. Even if I were to believe him that there is no affair, I cant take all this and not even talk to him about the chat messages. When I ask him why he has to message at odd times, he says he doesnt (he lies) Why is he lying and doing? What must that girl be thinking about me? That I dont care? Or that my husband is bored of me and he doesnt care? I dont know how to react to all this. I just keep going crazy, as I dont have anything that I can do to solve this. I am already engaged in outdoor activities (i go to gymn) but nothing seems to give me peace.