RE: relationship problem



Dear sir,
I m in a relation with a guy from past 6 months.
we r fighting almost everyday for the reason that I don’t like wen he’s too friendly with other girls.i told him he’s tryin to decrease it but I m feeling I m becoming very possessive about him.he was previously very much a flirt n used to talk to many girls lie to many he says he has changed but I m finding it difficult to believe and we are having fights now because I feel that he might b doing it in my absence..he wil talk to girls unnecessary n will help them out of d way so all girls will also come to him..I can’t accept this..I feel very guilty sometimes that I m so ovrpossessive about him but can’t help it..Please advice me what to do..i have a past relation in which my bf had broken up with me for some other girl..that had a very bad effect on me n I hd been in mild depression fr that d reason fr my possessiveness..then how should I overcome present relation is also in danger..I m a introvert type of person n don’t talk much to people.i want to have healthy relation with everyone so I can concentrate in my studies..all this is affecting my studies a lot…