RE: relationship problem


jagritishekhar wrote:
I am in relationship since 4 yrs and now we are finally going to be married but the thing is our fights is increasing day by day although we solve all those issues but next day again it rises for the same reason my boyfriend is doing job and he mostly be on sites in other cities he says sorry for anything and again repeats same mistake and I forgive him everytime but the thing is now I have become very irritated person because of saying same thing daily he understands everything but still repeats the same mistake and the situation is that I want separation but he don’t plz suggest me what to do and if I am separated then what would I say to my parents who are ready for intercaste marriage after lots of argument plz some one suggest.

Hello Jagriti,

You have gone through all the trouble of convincing your parents for thi marriage. Why? Because you want to be happy with someone. Are you happy? If you arent happy why be with him? Explain to your parents that this is the problem and you cant go on and get married to someone who makes the same mistakes over and over again. You dont want to be with someone you fight with all the time. They only want to see you happy. Convince your fiance that you want to end this. It will be hard on both of you. But its alright. In the long run you will both be happy. And who knows? after the break you may feel the need to get back together and realise each other’s importance and stop fighting.

But first, tell your fiance. Tell him you want to end this. Take your time and space. Pull yourself together. Give it a month. After one month you decide if you want to go back to him or stay this way. Tell your parents later. You can handle this one step at a time.

Good luck!