RE: Serious help needed……


Hey alok,
I read every details about your problem. Thanks i admire the way you have written as it has not left with any loop holes regarding your problem. Just want to ask apart from irregularity in your work does your problem hampering your personal and social life also and to what extent? First of all you know and aware of your problem area so its the best if you schedule your daily activities where you can include your recreational actitvity like u said u love paintings, damnce or music because this way it will give you time apart from you studies for your leisure which is really important. alok i want you to if possible for you your daily activites with time and accordingly we can schedule it. secondly i want to know more about the depression which you have mentioned. depression in what sense you are talking about? Meaning i want to know what to know what all changes you are experiencing which makes you will you are in depression. alok my email id is [email protected] and if possible mail me your daily activity routine.

Look forward for your reply.

Sonali Sardana
Clinical Psychologist