RE: social fear


ketan kumar wrote:
I have fear to talk to an stranger. Even I rarely talk to my freind on facebook. Though I want to talk but don’t know out of some fear i don’t talk. I have fear that what will be the reply and how will I answer or reply.
Even I got nervous to an interview. I seldom talk to my Professor, the same
reason of fear. Though somebody told me there’s no reason to fear. They will beat you or bite you. But still my Fear is not going.

Hi Friend,

It is normal to get nervous in an interview or while talking to a stranger.
You will have to develop some self confidence while talking to people. Don’t judge yourself too much and don’t underestimate yourself. Even if you speak something you should not, most of the times people you are talking to will forget it. We remember our mistakes and feel like a fool but the people would have already forgotten them. So don’t worry, sometimes you may not even see that stranger again in your life. If you want to develop your confidence , Practice. Make a start and talk to people and strangers. So what if you are wrong sometimes, we all are. Nobody is perfect and nobody is judging you. While talking to your friends think of some common interests that you can talk about.

Best Wishes.