RE: The right decision



Yea I think you are right… Your proverb explains it all . I haven’t forced him for anything till nw n I don’t want to force him further also. I will be more happy if he comes and proposes me someday, on his own . I don’t want to be blamed by him tomorrow when something goes wrong. I don’t want him to tell me anytime that I had forced him for this marriage . That Will break me completely. I was worried about this because my parents are getting other proposals for me and they want me to get married. They feel i am Ignoring all good proposals for him and if tomorrow he doesn’t marry me il b in a soup.
I totally understand on my parent’s side. Whatever they are worried about is 100% right. May b someday when I become a parent il understand them even better. I am the only child and my happiness Is above all for them. That’s y from d beginning of this relationship I never wanted to hide it from them and always wanted to take them along with me. I don’t want to hurt them for my happiness that’s why i am not ready to lie them about three years. I’l have that guilt all the time. But I think I should leave it on time now..