RE: this guilt is killing me


rahul wrote:
Your ex fiance looks mean, opportunistic and self centered. I feel that you guys didn’t have proper communication regarding handling of finances and other topics too. There is no guarantee that things will not return to the previous miserable state if you allow him back. Talk to him at length about each and every thing that was an issue and don’t shy away from any topic. Choose accordingly.

thanks a lot for your really means a lot. well we did had a discussion on finance and evry other matter and it was decided that he would be taking care of it. though he didnt took much interest in taking the responsibilty. it was too the extent that while we had food in a resti he didnt paid the bills and just sat blankly. to avoid further embarrsmnt i paid the bills.
but anyways i had already taken the decision. he didnt seem to work on his mistakes. so i prefer to stick to my decison
but thanks a lot for showing me the correct path. really appreaciate