RE: to live happily in present



Hello Simi Ji,

First of all I feel sorry for all the suffering which you are facing. After reading your entire problems I felt very bad.

First of all you need to identify the root cause of this behavior. Why he is behaving like that with you? You need to ask him directly. Let him also know that marriage with other woman is illegal and a criminal offense. You can go to police if he do the same. He must tell you the reason of his behavior.

You are educated and mature person. Please don’t behave like a weak and emotional woman. Be strong and let him know that you are not going to tolerate his behavior. He has to live with you. Discuss this problem with his parents and let them also know all your feelings. Tell them boldly that you are not going to accept this and tolerate this. As it is related to your and your kid’s life.

This problem will not sort out you take bold steps. My suggestions are:
1) Talk with your husband politely and try to know the reason of his behavior. What kind of problems he is facing with you?
2) Ask him that you are ready for change if he is uncomfortable with some of your nature. Try to realize him that he is spoiling three lifes. Your’s , his and your kid.
3) If he not reply you properly and not giving proper answer then discuss this with his parents.
4) If he ever tell you that he has second wife or planning to another marriage then told him that you will go to police and sue him. Let him also clear that you are not going to tolerate his odd behavior.

Let us know further development.