RE: to live happily in present




Frankly this one is strangest problem I’ve encountered on this forum. Why you were so self occupied or job focused that you didnt realise, you were losing your husband with passage of time. I can understand till your three initial years but when you stated living with him, why you didn’t try to make thing better. Why you didn’t ask him to stay with you in kochi? Why a husband would stay away from his wife though living in same city? and why a child was brought though it was such an unhealthy marriage?

See what i feel is, please talk to your husband directly about his affair, his registration with matrimony, his creating distance from you, his future plans about this marriage and about future of your child. Don’t stay with his parents. Go and stay with him no matter what. Ask him to help you in upbringing your child. And if he gives you any indication that he want to end up this marriage, try to find out root cause. If things would not improve now, they are going to be more worse in future. If your child would grow with all this, he would suffer the most.
You are educated, independent and smart lady. If he doesn’t want to take responsibility of this relation and child just slap divorce paper on his face. Move ahead lady, its not you now its about your child and you are capable enough to give him/her a bright future single handedly.
in future if he would have more fights with you, it would impact your child more.
Don’t be a victim. Try to discuss these things with your husband and if he behaves sensibly than have a good life with him but if he continues to behave insensible, leave him.
you are master of your own destiny and now you are a mother, this doesn’t makes you weak. You are more powerful now.
Good luck

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