RE: totally confused


losersom wrote:
Dear Jaya,
Let me tell you that, as you think most of the boys in this world are involved in pre-marital sex then you are absolutely wrong… and if you dont believe that… then ask urself that how many guys in ur class (college) had girlfriends or u think can have girlfriends ?? I can bet that there would be not less than 40% or even 50% guys in class who can never had any girlfriend… But same thing not applies to girls…. trust me its very easy to find a lots of guys who are purely virgin (me too.. lolz)… but its very difficult to find a girl who never had any boyfriend….

I am also an engineering graduate.. I and my friends that same survey in our class, and we found that in a class of 66 students…. 12 out of 12 girls were having boyfriend.. and 6 were voluntarily involved in sexual activities (you can’t stay away from these info in college, as they use to stay at their lover’s flat on weekend)… and around 35 guys out of 54 never had sex… and around 30 never had been in any relationship…. trust me these are real facts… even u can find a lots of guys who never had been in any relationship…

This is not true. in my class i know so many girls including me who do not have boyfriend. and about 90% of girls i am sure that they are not involved in such activities.
The thing is there are still trustable people in this world (including boys and girls both). We must have faith in GOD. If you are true you will really find someone true. HAVE FAITH!!!