RE: totally confused


Shags Cool
Jaya wrote:
i am 21 year old fresh engg graduate. joined as an engineer in a good job in a northern state. am in the verge of quitting the job due to health reasons. Like the normal people, i am very confused about what to do next in my career. Now my specific problem is, with my friends. I dont have lover or boy friend. But most of my friends are in a premarital relationship – recently i found that my best friend is also one among them. i feel very dejected on knowing this. i dont understand why people are not afraid to do such bad things.
For my personal life, i wish i would love and marry some guy. but, i am afraid about my parents as they are against love marriage. considering my friends, i am also afraid whether my future husband will be good or will he be also having premarital or extramarital relationships. on getting these thoughts i feel afraid of marriage also.
i always think this and that, and feel confused, sad and dejected. pls pls give me some guidance.

well, first of all you should gt a clear view about premarital relationships. there is nothing bad in it if both the people are serious with each other. and as far as your marriage is concerned if you are not confident about finding the right guy or are afraid to be in a premarital relationship because of your parents, then let your parents choose a guy for you. you can be with that guy and know him and can even fall in love with him. and it wont create any problems as it will be choosen by your parents themselves. and all marriages do not fail due to any extra marital relationships, it depends on the trust factor which can work magic in your marriage.