RE: Unhappy Married Life


lindsey_sooze wrote:
Your wife behavior shows immaturity. Is your wife really don’t want to understand or you think like that. In most of the cases we forget to think about our behavior. First of all rewind all the incidents which happened and think neutrally. Keep yourself in her place and think. Everything has different aspect. In most cases we think that we are right and other person is wrong. This exercise will help you to identify the wrong thing which is happening from your side.

If you feel that you are right and your wife is wrong then you need to talk to her father and mother. Explained them clearly that these activities are not going to help their daughter and going to spoil her life. Ask your father-in law also that his wife is misleading his daughter. Divorce, separation and breaking relationship are the terms which are easy to pronounce but hard to follow. I have seen lot many people who has spoiled their life.

My Suggestions:
1) Do Introspection first and try to understand your wife’s point of view.
2) Do corrective steps if you are wrong.
3) Be bold and strong and talk directly to your in-laws.
4) Warn your mother-in law for interfering your personal life.
5) Explain them that all these activities are not going to help their daughter’s life.

Let me know you views of my suggestions.


Hi Lindsey,
Thanks again for your suggestion and comments. Yeah, I know separation is a very big term to pronounce and it’s very hard to follow. But you know, you are right that she is not matured enough to understand from my point of view. Only thing which is interfering is her tremendous anger and pointless argument. And everything she used to discuss with her mother which is not good to build one relationship I believe. To come out of it, yes, she will have my support all the way, but she has to stop discussing everything with her mother. They think that their daughter is getting demoralized and being in this century, she should stand up and she is no longer a weak girl who will listen everything the other party says. This behavior is spoiling her personal life. That’s what my understanding and observation is. Now, please suggest how would I stop her to discuss with her mother and elder sister all the things ? I can surely explain her the disadvantages, but I am sure she will do it secretly when I will be in office. She has to understand by herself what’s right and what’s wrong. Nobody can judge ourselves other than us. Her mother and sister will look into this thing from their point of view, not from her point of view.

You know one thing, this war is affecting my relationship with my parents you know. I can understand my parents are not happy with her behavior at all. And about her father, her father has nothing to say over her mother. Rather frankly speaking, her mother is the boss in their family. So, discussing with her father in this aspect I believe it’s pointless.

Please suggest what should I do to minimize her anger so that she can start thinking what’s wrong and what’s right by herself without discussing with her mother and sister. I love my mom and grandmom as I do to her. So, I can never think of losing anyone for this stupid reason. But if this war continues, then unfortunately I will be prone to select one side which is very tough for me and finally definitely I will stand with my parents. Please suggest.