RE: Unhappy Married Life



Hi Som,

Sorry for all the feeling you are facing. I am not sure but I think most of the married people are facing the problem in their life. So don’t take it too close to your heart. Most of the issues start with misunderstanding and due to lack of talk the gap increases.
I think you and your wife should go for holiday. Away from your family. There you can spend time together and talk with each other. You should also convince her that you love her very much and try to understand her views also.
Explain her that divorce is not a solution of any problem. This is problematic for you as well as for her also. In both cases you both will not be happy. Convince her that she is important for you. Try to explain your feelings for your parent to her.

Be positive. You are a brave man. Don’t be depress. Every problem has a solution so try this and let us know your plan of action :D.