RE: needed …..weak will power and time management


uvw wrote:

hello mam! need your help …eleventh class (non med stream)is such a major change…managing school n coaching is so difficult.i was in a school where there wasn’t much pressure and in 11th class i changed school to the one where studies are extremely important….in the event of balancing both school and coaching ..not even one is able to get better…to learn all small concepts takes time…and within a blink of eye i am bombed with another exam…and result is simply 0 ….i managed to get better marks then others by cheating on tests and this made me more carefree and lazy…i don’t even study and rely on cheating …in the earlier school i was d topper and was very sincere ..i worked hard as i had fear of losing top position…i want that personality of mine back… now it feels as if i should do nothing…i don’t want this feeling..procrastination is becoming a habit…but i want to be saved from this feeling…pls help…give some tips……please help….to aim for top position
is simply waste…pls help me get a suitable aim of performance graph…pls motivate me… and help me be disciplined and sincere

Dude, focus, cheating is not gonna take you far..

You’re not the guy who cheats and passes all the exam…you make others pass!

This helped me..

“Whos the man? I’m the man”
Repeat helps bring back lost confidence!
Silly but effective

Why dont you make a time table allot time for proper rest and study..

And just simply stop thinking that you have changed

You’re still the amazing topper you were before..
Cheer up broda!
Be the man! BD