RE: weak,addicted and feel loser all the time


Arsenal chaile wrote:
I”ve been in a relation from last 30 months with a girl whom i loved..she cheated on me once had drinks with his ex being in these 30 months i started smoking,drinking and heavy weed..i feel very lonly,alone and disturbed..dont know what to do with my life and how to resolve problem..i am socialising very lessly and not being much of the as i used to do before 30 months..i am getting panic attack,negative thoughts and sort of bad vibes from everyone around me..i feel very weak from inside as well as gf used to lie to me all the time,she never understand my situation and feel very disturbed..a small argument turns up to big fight leaving me aone with my problem..i’ve lost my mind and as well as heart,dnt know what to do and how to do..i dont know what the real problem..i’ve been having trouble to leave smoking,cannot set my routine after so many trails and cannot concertrate on any thing..these 30 months were the worst days of my life..i was not to progress myself not in any field..i become very negative,agressive,lazy and being blank all the time..

Spend time doing things you always wanted to do!
Go on a vacation!
Make new friends!

This girl will realize her mistake once she sees you doing this stuff..

One life..why so serious? :)