RE: Weird Fantacy of My Husband



Hi rekha!

This is strange but true. I am also a victim of similar fantasy of my husband.

We have been married for 10+ years now. Honestly speaking, while we shared a very happy life, sex was definitely something that was slowly losing its excitement and getting monotonous. Both me and my husband could feel that.

To get aroused we started different ways of exciting ourselves. One of them was this fantasizing. My husband used to get very easily aroused if I would fantasize about having sex with another man. Initially this used to be good fun. Both of used to enjoy. And more so because this led to great sex.

After sex, we never spoke about such things and life was as usual.

The first disaster happened when we went for a short vacation to Pondycherry. It was a 2-3 break and we were put up at a nice beach side resort. The resort offered massage services and my husband called for it in the room for himself. After he was done, he started insisting – I also try the massage with the same male masseur. I was feeling very shy but he kept on insisting and forcing. On top of that, I did not like the masseur at all – he was a pitch dark fellow and looked to be someone from a nearby village.

Finally I agreed. But it was so ridiculous. I went and changed to just a bra and panty from the toilet and came to the bedroom. The masseur guided me to the bed and started. And my husband was hanging around in the room – sitting on the couch and looking at me.

As the massage continued, I could feel slowly my private parts and breasts are being touched. It was so awful. But my husband went on insisting – I continue.

10-15 min more, when the masseur started on my back, suddenly my husband came and unhooked my bra. I was startled. And in the next minute, before I could react – he pulled the strap of my bikini panty and took it off.

There I was – on the bed in my full glory showing off my private parts, my breasts to another man. My husband pinned me down on the bed and kept on insisting – that I will love it if I relax and enjoy. He was adamant.

And I surrendered myself to the masseur.

At this stage, I must confess – I was also feeling extremely aroused. It was obvious – all my erotic zones were constantly been touched. And slowly I started fully opening up.

Next when I was back in my senses, I could find – the masseur was trying to push himself inside my vagina and my husband also standing in the nude next to the bed.

What continued for the next hour or so – was 3-some sex. That was the first time I made love to 2 men simultaneously.

My husband paid handsomely to the fellow and asked him to come back again in the night.

The next 2 days and 2 nights we were there, we indulged in similar experience.

For me, I accepted it – as it was discreet and it happened in my husband’s presence.

After this, for next few months – we actually had great sex without even fantasizing. Just remembering those times in Pondy was enough for us.

But soon after, my husband started pestering me for repeat practical experience. This time, he connected with a gentleman – almost 50 years old over the internet. He was a businessman visiting Bangalore and was looking for fun time with a housewife in his hotel. My husband personally took me to him and made me spend a night with him.

After this – similar episodes continued. It is almost 3 years now. On my husband’s insistence, I have been with at least 25-30 men till now. All of them have had sex with me and pumped in their sperms inside me. Slowly, I have also started a linking for it. Every man has his own way and I feel extremely loved each time a new man approaches me.

As I understand from my husband, this kind of practice is now very common among couples in India. Sometimes I used to think if my husband is mentally unstable or what – but I can now feel, this is how his sexual preference is tuned. He feels, he has a lovely wife and enjoys watching her indulging in sex with other men.

But you need to have a very good understand with your husband at all. Else this can lead to major marital discord.