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I’m 23 and engaged. Its and arranged marriage. I am totally confused now whthr I should proceed with my marriage cos I’m not able to understand this. He says he is so in love with me, but he is too scared of everyone. He lost his dad at a young age and has been submissive and passive since then. He has been longing for love and he expects that I would give him all the love he lost. I feel kind of suffocated in the relationship. I’m better than him in all aspects, looks (he is really average looking while I look pretty good) job (I earn the same salary as he does), talents etc… I know that I’m not supposed to get these thoughts of superiority complex. But when his family members behave odd with my parents for any matter (mine is a typical Indian arranged marriage where the girls family does the whole wedding: the guys family keeps finding fault with all that). When these happen, I cant help hating him because he is too submissive. He is not able to take his stand. As a person, he is more than sweet. He sometimes does not eat if am not wel. He loves me like crazy and wants me to take all his decisions. He has started imagining his whole life with me and dreams about our kids and our days together. But I’m not able to feel the same for him. I’m not able to love him. I get so irritated when he is not able to take his decision,. When he bothers about what others would think more than about whthr he really likes it.. help me. I’m so confused