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Anjaliii guptaaa wrote:
neeed hlp…:(((

m a sixteen yr old girl…m emotinally attached to a guy…bt my parents got to knw abt us…nw m asked to have no cntact wid dat guy… i cant to dis….m totally depressd….wat shud i do????/cnt cncntrate on studies:(

Hi Anjali!
Thank you for sharing with us!
I can understand what you’re going through. And I know how frustrated u feel. Maybe your parents feel that you’re too young to have a relationship and that u need to focus on your studies and career first. so tell u what? why don’t you show your parents by studying hard and doing really well in your exams, that you ARE paying due attention to your studies and that your relationship is not having a negative impact.

Secondly, considering the kind of incidents one reads about nowadays, it is indeed very difficult for parents to allow their daughters to engage in relationships, especially for someone as young as you, because it is easy to mislead one at this age. Now, I’m not saying that the guy you’re with is wrong, but in this stage it not easy to distinguish between risky and safe behavior. So, I hope this will also help u understand their point of view.

Finally, have you tried talking to them about it? Have you asked them or have they told you why they forbid your friendship? How about you compromise with them on the fact that you will stay ‘just friends’ with this guy until you do your 12th? I’m assuming you’re in 10th right now and this is an important year for you. Just try staying good friends until 12th after which, if you perform well, you will be in a position to face your parents as an adult who fulfilled her responsibilities well. Don’t you agree? And if this guy really loves you, he will definitely understand your position.

All the very best!!!