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Hello Ms. prachi,
I am a medical doctor (still a student) and i have many problems with my parents. We are from a well living family my parents are either traveling or at work i see them every 3 to 4 days once i have a sister that traveled abroad and i have a sick brother who has kind of socail phobia.I feel i have no parents we rareky see them they don’t talk to us they are always busy they think being parents is only giving money to their sons and daughters not more than that . I have no friends all my freinds are the same as me only studying all the time since we are medicine students we are all the time studying i don’t go outdoors only to the university or to the hospital . I have no one to talk to, no parents, no friends, no brother or sister to understand,none.Added to that i have been like 7 years in a relation with a man he is 20 years older than me he is divorced and has kids we loved each other much but he is so poor and we are from a wealthy family with my parents position in the community my parents rejected him many times when he wanted to marry me and now after 7 years he decided to marry sice he has been waiting me 7 years and my parents rejected him so he left me alone now, thats all because of my parents ill thinking, looking at people from how much they have in their pockets not from their inner hearts. I am really passing a miserable time since i have no time to do anything in my life just ot study this adds to my depression with exams all the time and so on. I really have thought of starting on an Antidepressant but i don’t know, I don’t know why life puts us in such situations, no one can have what he wants in this life. Many people want money and wealth, I have lots of money and wealth and i am a doctor and from a good family but i don’t have even half a minute of happiness or good mood in my life …please help me …