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I’m 16 years old and I have a boyfriend. He is 17 years old. Our relation is about 1 year old. I have very strong feelings for him and he holds the same for me too. Let me start by talking about his nature. He is a very sweet and friendly guy. He makes friend in a minute and help them rest of their life. There are many examples where he was ready to give up his own life for his friends. From the childhood only he have faced many family problems like he felt that no one understands him. He never talk about his past much so I don’t know many of the things. Because of that he became a very self consumed and the aggression within him started growing. He started abusing and beating the one who did wrong. The things he said were always right but because of the violence he used in those words his parents started hating him. They love him still I can see that but they never show that. He also know that his parents love him but most of the time he feels that he is alone as his parents never showed their love to him. He was sent to hostel when he was 11 years old and he became a street fighter to earn his livelihood. The admission fees was given by his parents only but he had to pay the rest of the expenses and still he is doing that. Now he have many internal injuries now. Then in 14 years of age a girl fell in love with him. He said yes to her for her happiness and when he felt her care for him he started loving her deeply because that was the only thing he ever wanted. But few months later his parents called him as they didn’t liked their relationship as both of them were too busy with themselves only and he was ready to do anything for her. He also stopped fighting for her. He returned his home then after some days he got the news that his girlfriend is very sad. He climbed his house balcony to escape from there and walked full night to reach his hostel’s destination but when he reached there he got the news that his girlfriend have ditched him and was committed to another guy who was his friend. He committed suicide at that point but was saved. After that he was sent to another place. After 1 year he returned to him home. A friend of his helped him a lot at that place to overcome his emotions and now that friend means a lot to him. After that i met him and he came to know about my ex. I broke up with my ex because of some reasons. He talked to my ex without my knowledge but originally he went there to meet him to fight with him because my ex was stalking me. But my ex cried in front of him and they became good friends. He tried to reunite us but i didnt liked that step at all. He was very sorry for that step of his. Few days later he realized that my ex was not good for me and he started saving me from him. Now my ex no more stalks me. He helped me a lot so i started caring for him a lot. After 4 or 5 months i started developing feelings for him and he read my mind in few days and we got in a relationship after some of the situations but still here everyone thinks that he is a bad boy who fights and abuse. But only I and the one who know him know the truth. One day my parents came to know about him and they scolded me for that a lot and stopped all our contacts but i am able to talk to him and meet him but without the knowledge of my parents. They have found about us so many times. I have tried to explain them that he is a very nice guy but because of his gunda (fighter) image for outsiders my family is not ready. My brother told everything about his image to my parents and now they hate him a lot. There is no way they will let us be together. My boyfriend was very angry and sad because of the way they treated me after that and said bad things about his character and because of that he abused me when he was so damn angry so that i can make my parents..but there was no help. One more thing he is very mature and am so immature. He hates this nature of mine and scolds me for this many of the times. I am improving but very slowly. One and half month back his mother died and he was left with great shock. After that everyone in his family started talking about his marriage and he gave them my name (they knew my name earlier also as his girlfriend) and now they are ready. Now we talk every day and i make him sleep every night but because of my parents we are facing many problems. He ask me to say things to my parents which are correct but too rude for me to say and I say those things but in a polite manner and he become angry. He have already faced so much pain in love thats why he don’t want to take any risk and want both of us to be together. Still he have given me full freedom to break up with him if i fell in love with some other guy but he only wish that he would help me in that case if i will tell him everything correctly if that situation arise but i know that it will never happen because from the very first day i met him i am not able to think about another guy for even a sec. Now he is shifted to another place and is doing one course there. He will get a salary of 12k per month after 1 year of course and the course will continue for 2 years. His salary will increase surely after that because he is doing graphic course and is very good at that. He will be 18 after 1 year and is asking me to elope with him when i will get 18 years old. I want to be with him no matter what and take care of him. We have many dreams of our own. But I’m thinking that is eloping the only solution?..My boyfriend will not be able to wait for so many years because he need someone a lot at this stage of life because he is completely by his own. He dont force me but i dont want to leave him alone like this so eloping is the only option left for me. What shall i do? If i elope he will marry me at the spot and will finance me for my further studies because he know i am a very bright student. After that both of us will work very hard for our future. After that only we will think about taking our marriage into another step and giving birth to a baby probably at the age of 26 or 27 years because we both think that at the age of 18 we cannot support a child. I asked him whether his parents will raise there opposition for this or not then he said no and additionally said that his father have given him the permission to marry me and will not oppose our elopement and by now i have met most of his relatives.