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(Sorry for my english) When I was 8 I was a shy kid. I was sitting alone while others were loud. But people liked me. Nobody cared.
Once some teacher said that I’m different than other kids, I’m shy and quiet (among all). It was so embarrassing. Then others started to say “hey, look at him he’s shy and doesn’t speak”. Of course I was but less than others and everyone was describing me as a helpful, shy, quiet kid. There was also other girl who was very shy (much more than me), (I shouldn’t say that) strange and ugly. My “friends” from class started to say “hey you should be a couple haha!” or “how’s your girlfriend”… When there was silence in the class, one guy told me “hey (my name) say something” when I did everybody smiled and laghed at me…
Few years later I wasn’t shy I was just normal, polite guy, I wasn’t swearing but they were still making fun of me. If they had to focus one person they could laugh at or the shyest person they would focus on me, not someone else or even that girl. I don’t know why, I think that they like to make fun of me out of habit as everyone did. Imagine situation where one guy from my It’s so embarrasing I didn’t like them I always tried to avoid them I didn’t make friends because I was afraid that everybody will say “he’s very talkative haha” or “do you know his girlfriend”. Imagine situation: one guy from my class walks with 2 blonde girls and says embarrassing things about me. It was bullying… I thought that avoding them till I finish school will be the best. It was the worst mistake I did.
I cried few times because of it but I don’t wanna metion it.

Soon Ill be 18 I go to school where I havent known anybody before. I like new school. Year ago I overcame fear and even created account on facebook (I’ve never had myspace or something like that) at least they don’t make fun of me there. The problem is that nothing has changed. Some people still make fun of me. As I said since I go to other school, here NOBODY called me shy or something like that and nobody makes fun of me. I’m introvert who wears glasses
But sometimes I have to meet “old friends”. Should I tell them “get the f*** out” I don’t know what can be their reaction, they would be shocked but finally my patience is over. How to stop it. I just want to have norma life.