can i get help?

please help me.i am severely obsessive.so much that i cant function.i just keep think about my failed relationship.my heart just sinks.i know its normal for people to mourn for a few days but they eventually get on with life.i just cant.it has been 20 years. and i am still stuck.i am mourning even today as if it is still fresh.i am tired.even though i want to but my mind just does not stop.how to stop it.i think i need medeicines.therapy has not worked for me.i have tried everything except medicines.i just want my mind to stop.and accept.and be content with today.but i cant even move.from 20 years i just stall my time.just become still.watch tv.not meet anybody.cant cook.cant dress up.cant even have bath for a month also.please help me get over my obsessions.give me some medicine or anything which will tell my mind to stop obsessing over the past and what just cant be.it has been a long time.20 years.please help me.