RE: Welcome!



my best friend is a person for whom i have gone out of my way to help even though im not obligated to do so.But when im helping her, if anything goes wrong she blames me by saying im deliberately sabotaging up her life and she doesnt know if she can trust me.but she makes a person feel sorry for her.i cant help but offer help.but sometimes it just doesnt work out and things get messed up.she has a way of making me feel SO guilty.
this has happened so many times that i feel worn out now.if i mess up then she is angry and she doesnt talk to me for days.
the problem is other than this our f’ship is perfect.we understand each other & love hanging out.
one more excellent at manipulating and telling lies whenever not ashamed of it.but when we argue it ends up with her saying that since she doesnt know when im telling the truth she cant understand whether to trust me or not.
and she can be really mean and hurting during these times.
she knows how her acting out makes me feel.but she cant help it.and she generally has so many other problems going on that it makes me feel like a bitch for letting her down.

i want to know what a)she can do to stop this?
b)i can do?
c)is she a drama queen?or is it just me?
d)am i better of without her?