RE: Welcome!



I am an engineering student in my final year. I have a very close friend with whom I’ve been planning on starting up a venture. I told my parents about my ideas about a year ago and they aren’t very happy about it. They want me to take up a job and have a secure life. They tell me that they worry about me.

I have been telling my friend that I too believe and will be happy to start up the venture. I really want to as well. But both my family and my friend put me in sort of a dilemma.

My family tells me about the future problems and their inabilities to lend me any money for the start-up. And they tell me to do a job for a few years and then get into business if i want. Whereas my friend wants me to be clear about my intentions and doesn’t like the idea of me doing a job at all. He asks me to be true to my ambitions and do what is required without wasting time.

If I try to do what my family says I seem confused and weak to my friend and fall into a category of people who just say “big stuff but never do”. I would feel ashamed and guilty if he thinks of me that way. I don’t want to feel like a pretender to him after 4 years of close friendship.
Moreover if i try to do what my friend says I become a bad son to my parents. I become a person who is easily influenced by another one and they find me weak.Again a question on my dignity and my self-esteem.

Please suggest me something to make my family believe in my future aspirations while at the same time make my friend more confident of me and my intentions. I don’t want to loose anyone of them. They are all dear to me. I also don’t want to loose my self-esteem as I have been true to everyone and never been fake.