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Hello Mam, Firstly I want to appreciate you for your quick responses and suitable answers to others’ problems. I noticed it as I read through the posts. You are doing a noble work by helping people Emotionally . Hats off to you.
I am Rashmi, studying B.E, 7th sem ( Computer Science ) . Let me mention a little about myself: I have Successfully completed my 10th, 12th ; but since 2010, I am just struggling to maintain 60% aggregate in B.E . I used to study Well in 10th n 12th and scored 89% in each stage. With the support of my parents and because I did well till 12th , I have got whatever I wanted, like books, gadgets and everything that I wished. Life that time was just wonderful – because I was Studying Well that Time. I had an Aim to succeed then.
But since 2009-10 , I see myself to be going off track in case of studies. Well I wanted to be Recognized in College for my leadership skills, so I work hard and now I am Coordinator for various college fests and Placement Activities. I enjoy doing Event Management . In this course of time, I gained good experience. But it reduced my study interest. Here is the Problem: since the 4th Semester , I have been neglecting my Subjects and just managed to Pass in all. I just find it difficult to concentrate on studies . My activites in college have disturbed my Aim . I like to do services for the college students , but I am no-where benefited. Now my Question is How Do I Study like I used to do In my 10th?? All books and materials are before me , but neglect to study , each day. What to do??
For all Placementsso far, I have managed the process, All others( most of them are rattu-popat- mugging up books) got a job and I am left with nothing. I didn’t get placed yet. I now feel like doing good for people is meaningless these-days. I don’t understand where I am lacking. So Here, my second Query is What should I do after B.E?? Try for a Job? Or take a year break and Prepare for GATE exam and pursue M.Tech?
One of the Worst problems I have is: Negative Thinking. These Days , all failures I am facing has made me to think negatively . I just feel I am Good for Nothing, anymore. My Parents , friends, Professors have all provided Solution to Study well. But Somewhere I am lazy to inculcate them. I listen to them one day. And later I end up doing Nothing. I just waste my time, even though I really don’t want to…
I have great Aims and Purposes. I want to do well in life and make it worth living . But Its sad that I am unable to Channelise my Career.
Please provide me a magical Solution such that I actually Should Work on it.

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