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Hi Sir,

My age is 23 years. I am the only daughter to my parents. My parents got divorced when I am in my mother’s womb. So, I didnt have effection to father(infact I hate him the most coz he is very cruel man who tortured my mom). I have been brought up at my grand parents home (with my mom). I was the topper in studies. And my grandparents especially grandfather pampered me a lot and I never felt that I couldn’t find father’s love. Infact I am very much attached towards my grandparents. In my Graduation, suddenly my grandparents expired due to Cardiac arrest. I just couldnt bear this. My grandparents who were with me always suddenly disappeared. I could not digest this. This had a lot of effect on me. During this time, I met a friend who helped me and also gave me so much effection. Some how I am finally in love with him. My mother did not accept him. I love him so much that I am not ready to miss him. And also I dont want my mother let go. Both are my eyes. I couldnt lose either of them. And with lot of struggle I am settled in MNC company. But even there to my fate, due to my manager , faced many problems(torture). After 1 nd half yr of my service in job I resigned to the company. And now I am nill. My mother’s health is going bad. And my lover also does not have job. Atitude wise he is very good. well cultured boy. only thing is he doesnt have a job. Now I could not do anythng. Totally helpless. I have taken lot of responsibilities of my family earlier. Now I am the only financial resource to my family and nw I am helpless. I just want to commit suicide to get rid of all these problems. But couldnt do it becoz I dont want let my mother go out of me. And dont my grand parents and my mothers hopes on me let go waste. what can I do. please help me.