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I am an 18 year old guy. I have been diagnosed with “A mood disorder”. My psychologist and psychiatrist wont tell me exactly what it is but its not bipolar so… I would hazard a guess at MDD. I refused to take my meds. I lived on an alprax a day for some time and have now given it up (after 3-4 weeks)

I sometimes have episodes in which I feel everything is a dream and I can do anything I want without any consequences… I imagine myself indulging in violent behaviour.. And feel and urge to do the same. Only recently I felt the urge to beat up my room mate… And also to stab a teacher.. I regularly lose concentration over what is real and wander into other realms… I have not yet slipped into a depressive phase though and all this just serves to confuse me… Its as if there is a haze on the world and I am not really in it.