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I am a young professional who is doing really good at work, have loving parents and we can say life is good. Most of the times i am having fun, out with friends, and enjoying, but then almsot all the time i have this feeling, that all of this, this life, i dont want it I never asked for it, I am not bothered to live this. not because i am depressed, but just because i don’t see the point of living. I don’t believe in afterlife, I dont believe in god and i wonder what wrong it will do to end it all with one shot. Even if the world is beautiful and there are so many things i can try which i love adventure sports, travelling, and so on, I am sure if i am dead, its absolute, and i wont be alive to know i missed all this. I am surely not bothered or excited to live the whole life. I still do not commit suicide because of my family and parents. But i understand i need help, you might say i feel emptiness and a feel i have a purposeless life. I dont think suggestions like helping others, to be the reason of smile on somebody else’s face, seeing my parents proud should make me feel good, it does, as does almost everything else, but not enough to stop myself thinking of suicide every now and then.